Acquired Immune Infection

Symptoms of HIV often confused initially with symptoms of common cold diseases or poisoning. This is due to the fact that the initial symptoms of HIV infection manifested as a slight increase in temperature, appearance red rash, soreness in throat, in some cases, symptoms are diarrhea. There are several ways of HIV transmission. HIV infection is transmitted through sexual contact, direct contact with blood blood (from contaminated blood in the blood of another person). 7%9C%D7%A2%D7%91%D7%95%D7%93%D7%AA/'>שלומי בסון. Also, HIV is transmitted from an infected mother to her child. HIV is transmitted and injection.

HIV infection is not transmitted through mosquito bites and other insects, by kissing, The only reliable way to establish HIV infection – is to get tested for HIV. Besides HIV infection develops in the body very long time. Period of development may reach 10-12 years. At this stage the person pursuing death of HIV infection of man. These diseases are called oppurtonisticheskimi.

Gradually, this stage of the disease becomes Syndrome Acquired Immune – Deficiency (AIDS). A sick person loses the ability perform basic functions, it requires care. Even after several decades with the advent of HIV infections, humankind has not learned completely heal this terrible disease. But there were preparations which may delay the development phase of the disease in AIDS. But to save a human life in its normal as early as possible to detect the symptoms of HIV infection. To do this, you have to be tested for

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