After Work Shows Offer Gazelle 2008: 25 Time For Extraordinary

Gazelle is to spring a fancy accent in the intra-industry dealer policy: with 25 nationwide organized after work shows the Dutch bicycle manufacturer creates new impetus in cooperation with its partners. In the Centre: the informal meeting of invited dealers and sales consultants. Evening feeling included. עוד מידע על ליאור שליין ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. Gezellig"as the Dutch would say lounge character instead of counter, refined ambience instead of brightly lighted retail space, time for extraordinary" instead of time is money"the Dutch leader Gazelle launches 2008 an unusual campaign: during his 25 German after work shows the Dutch company is an entirely new framework the contact between dealers and sales representatives. And rather than the product presentation. The result? Opportunity for relaxed exchange among colleagues. And whether in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich is Gazelle on locations with lounge character. The selected Gazelle models that will be issued for any after-work show, rather form the backdrop.

The start of the series of events fell on 5 February in Hannover. From different stations in the far north it continues eastward; also Stralsund and Dresden, for example, are venues of the Gazelle events. The last venues are located in Germany's South, in cities such as Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg. The series with a two-day final event is rounded off to the first weekend in March at the premises of the Gazelle GmbH in Bruggen Bracht. Address: Gazelle GmbH, Holtweg 63, 41379 Bruggen, Tel: 02157-895570, fax: 02157-8955710, E-Mail:, Internet:

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