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Discover the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin! The history of the TACHELES, Tacheles word comes from the Hebrew and means how to communicate"or directly tell the blunt truth". Tacheles cultural centre is located in the district Center in a half abgerissenen building, which today has been rebuilt. This area is located in the West of the city and was formerly the District of the Jews. Nowadays it has become a meeting place of many lovers of art and culture, as well as of many budding artists as this building was built, it was a great access to the city's passage,? it shopping center constructed in 1907. The company soon went bankrupt and was bought by the AEG, who built the House of technology, where their products were exhibited and sold.

During the second world war, the Nazis used the building as a management and organizational authorities. On the fifth floor, they imprisoned French prisoners. Between 1943 and 1945, the building was hit by bombs of the allies and was destroyed very badly damaged, but not quite. After 1948, part of the building was used for various purposes. The other part of the building collapsed after, since the Berlin Administration did not have the money for the restoration.

In addition, they pursued other plans in this area. Meanwhile the building became art building department store one with different materials of construction. According to the plan, which was left in April 1990 by the building should be demolished. In February 1990, after the fall of the wall, the building was occupied by a group of young artists from different parts of the world. Furthermore, due to the characteristic metal construction the building was appointed historical monument. Tacheles was known immediately because of its unique atmosphere and also thanks to the wide range of creative and artistic events. Since the Foundation of Tacheles, it was a Center for the development and implementation of various alternative ways of life, cultural influences and so have been creative and urban ideas. Artists from around the world made their performances, gave concerts, or exhibited their artworks and sculptures. This fundamental idea is remained up to the present day and the program was expanded by plays, cinema, exhibitions, performances, workshops, poetry evenings and parties. Tacheles has its surroundings as an international cultural centre, both positive and negative, influences. In addition, Center has turned into a trendy. The Centre enjoyed recognition on the part of the public administration in Berlin and offers a number of annual financial support to realize a part of numerous projects. The rest of the funding comes from the rental of artists, as well as the income of the bar and the cinema. The distinctive architecture and the appearance of a ruin, as well as the artistic, international activities over the years, scientist who helped to much fame on national and international level that appears in many guidebooks. And? Did you now neugierirg? Then travel, but simply exploring the German capital to Berlin, and rent an apartment in Berlin!

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