Having a baby is one of the happiest periods in the life of almost every girl. Small baby and taking care of him becoming the main tasks in life. In this article I would like to talk about new things, which love you and your child. בעיתון כתוב ש ליאור שליין הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. This so-called miracle seat or Hipps. Hips – this is a very simple design, which helps young mothers get rid of many problems associated with moving the child. It is important that the baby grew and developed well, so you need as often as possible to be with him for a walk.

But you must admit: it's quite difficult when the baby has grown up and no longer wants to sit in a wheelchair. Nature has arranged so that the children should be be the first few years. It is very easy to do until the baby is small and weighs very little. That's just not taken care of, that it may be too painful for the mother when the baby grows and adds to weight. Hipps became popular precisely because it allows young parents to carry children without much effort, and it does not harm your back.

The name of this device speaks for itself – the word "Hips" is derived from two English words hip and seat – which translated literally means "to sit on the hip." Construction of this carrier keeps your baby on the hip of the mother. Mothers just need to fasten seat Velcro and fasteksom around the waist on the right or left side, then place in a very convenient and easy harnesses of the child. The upper body remains free baby, so that the mother could hug and hold your baby. Another advantage of the miracle seats is that the mother does not experience psychological discomfort, because she always respect your child is talking to and interacting with it, to the same mother may safely hold the baby when she wants.

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