Each person has a different rhythm to learn something. We cannot friction of dislxico all those that delay a little more to assimilate what it was displayed. Moreover, other riots exist that affect the reading and therefore it is necessary to be intent so that the same ones are not confused with dislexia. Therefore the same one is about a fonolgica deficiency that only affects the decoding of the isolated words, not affecting the understanding. Being thus, the dislxico can highly be intelligent.

This riot is not acquired, the dislxica person already is born with the problem. In the case of the deficiency of learning of the language. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל טבע תעשיות. As much is affected the decoding as the understanding. the intelligence of the person can be in inferior level to the average. לעומת זאת, שלומי בסון בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. This riot is also not acquired. The acquired alexia is a loss of the capacity of reading caused for some cerebral trauma. occurs mainly in aged people.

The hiperlexia, thus, as the dislexia is a problem that the person already is born with it. The person who has this riot presents easiness to decode the words, but she presents a great deficiency in the understanding. Therefore, it is good for being you alert well and informed to know identifies, as well as distinguishing the riots that affect the learning of the reading. So that of this form let us can search the best form to intervine. Taking for base this theoretical material we carry through a research by means of a sounding applied to the pupils of the Infantile Education, Basic Ensino and Average Ensino in some schools of the city of Camocim. With the objective to verify if the difficulties in the learning of the reading that the pupils present she is dislexia. In accordance with results gotten with the interviews that had been made with professors we arrive the following conclusions: In the Infantile Education two schools had been consulted and the main presented difficulties are: Persistence in the call language baby; Difficulty in learning (to remember) the name of the letters; Deficiency in knowing the letters of its proper name; Problems of learning of you rhyme infantile common.

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