Ideal Dreams

We become ’emotional chameleons' turning into a kind of clean slate on which a man says what he wants, become similar, what we want to see the men. Putting himself in second place after the men, women are often willing to abandon ourselves and become like what men like to see them. I call these women ’emotional chameleons' who are prepared to change themselves, their attitudes, their behavior and their beliefs, even if only to meet male conception of the ideal woman. I'll be the woman of his dreams, we decide we are trying to adjust themselves under someone else's idea of the pattern of love. We are ready to give up their dreams in order to help men to realize his dream.

His wife, dropped out of college to help her husband learn to be a doctor, after fifteen years, suddenly realizes that she forgot about his own dream of teaching children with delayed development … Why are women so easily bring a sacrifice? Men expect us to concede them a place and took minor. בעיתון כתוב ש גבי חמו הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. For thousands of years they have been taught to consider women second-class people. In the end we still live in a world where many countries women must go behind her man on the street as a sign of submission. It is not surprising that men expect us to sacrifice. We instill the idea from childhood that we should play in the life of a minor role. Many of us watched our mothers and grandmother sacrificed their talents, interests, dreams and their careers to support our parents and grandparents.

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