Team Fortress

Trolling – the act of use or abuse of game mechanics: a technique originally unintended by the game developers for a specific purpose or otherwise disturb adversely affect the progress of other games player. Troll, players are usually built from a kind of "sloupokov or deaf. Never answer your mats in their direction, and other popular . map of all "Troll" – is 2fort. If you just say: This is a springboard for obtaining Lulz. In this article, I want to show you the most popular ways of "trolling" The first way: Mic Spam The most popular method has always been there-Mic Spam. Mic Spam – spam server channel audio through a microphone or a special program.

In general, the spam uses popular songs (in English. Language) and / or annoying sounds. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש נפתלי בנט צודק במה בהוא אומר. The second way: Where are the docks? And at the docks trol! If you like, when you yelled obscenities the whole team – this method is for you. But all is not so simple. What is required of you as of griefers? – Sami docks, you can not pull out, so it's best to ask friends / acquaintances for help. – Remove the docks of the enemy to his base (on the second floor near the spawn, where you will be harder to kill enemies) – Then you can give docks engineer (griferu!) and let it built up in the corner, paying no attention to matting, flying from your teammates. – Do not reply to them all! – You can use the "Mic Spam" for a complete pleasure. The third way: Medic, it's a spy! The easiest way. Imagine the situation: in your base runs an enemy spy and sapit "everything but after it runs your doctor and treat it, but in the end still gives him uber and then you certainly not, he does not do it, funny? Arrange to meet friends somewhere outside the base, dial Huber and in front!

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