The Child

" This will give your child the feeling that you understand it (or at least want to understand), and helps him cope with their feelings. In order to somehow influence the behavior of a child, wrote a story for him where he (or his favorite toy) will be the main character, creating a situation where the hero is behaving correctly and receives praise for it. Talk about it when the baby is calm, as if nervous, you will not hear it. During this period, your child often behaves aggressively, it can hurt other children, parents, and animals. Aggression is inherent to all children, and this normal. In a positive sense of aggressiveness helps your child develop the spirit of initiative.

The reason for aggression is simple: each day a child is faced with disappointments, and it annoys him. עוד מידע על שלומי בסון ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. It will take time to baby learned to fix them and get distracted. Aggression – is a reaction to combat, so of course it is – is preferable to apathy, apathy, whining and complaints. Therefore, we should talk not about the exclusion of aggressiveness and control it. The best way to avoid over its manifestations – to treat the child with love. It is often the cause of aggression – this is the desire for love. לא תמיד אינטל. But this does not mean that you should zalaskat, pamper your baby. We need to try talk with the child to behave kindly and if possible on an equal footing, because of the aggressiveness of suffering often the children themselves.

The child gets angry and throws the toy, because my mom did not give him candy. Later, he was ashamed of this deed, he is afraid because of this lost love of parents and … again showing aggression – a vicious circle. To avoid this, we must remember that a kind word can remove bitterness. When a child enters correctly, praise him. It reinforces positive behavior. And not one word praise: "Good!" – And try to say what he has done well and why you're happy. Of course, in times of crisis parents have very is not easy, but remember that these crises without the development does not happen. The child should try different variations of behavior, before he learns to behave "correctly". In addition, if the crisis is stale, then it means delay in the development of affective and volitional aspects of the personality. Also remember that the child will not change in a single day or night. So arm yourself with patience and enjoy even the smallest victories.

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